High-Definition Lipo

HiDef Liposuction is a revolutionary liposculpting technique that delivers unbelievable results. The result: a slender, toned and athletic body.

With HiDef Lipo medicine and technology are combined with art. The surgeon literally sculpts the body in order to achieve a chiseled appearance.
HiDef Lipo is a great complement to any workout routine that helps patients achieve a more contoured shape and remove stubborn fat deposits that hard to get rid of.

Understanding body movement is extremely important for the surgeon since this knowledge will allow the surgeon to visualize how each individual component of the body will look at all angles while in motion. This cosmetic procedure requires absolute surgical precision and attention to these critical details so that results look completely natural and attractive.


Hi-Definition LipoSculpture: How It Works

HiDef Lipo is Renewal’s premier laser lipolysis procedure. HiDef Lipo can achieve great precision in contouring and enhancing the muscles.

Liposculpture is a more advanced form of liposuction that treats the superficial layers of fat and selectively removes them in the areas between muscle groups to enhance the natural underlying definition of a person.
In most cases, HiDef Lipo is performed with the help of the SmartLipo Triplex device.

SmartLipo Hi Definition Liposculpture is an outpatient procedure performed right in the office of Renewal Body Contouring. The same process of infusing the local anesthesia is used but then, using a specific laser wavelength combination, the fat is selectively removed in much the same way an artist chisels away stone to reveal the beautiful sculpture underneath.

First, the surgeon begins by marking the areas that when enhanced make you look fit and tone and that are unique to each person. No one person is the same, and therefore each treatment must be custom fit to each individual. The surgeon must be able to see the results before he begins. This requires a 3 dimensional, individualized understanding of anatomy as well as an extensive knowledge of how the body moves in order to produce natural results.

Depending on the number and size of treatment areas, the procedure can take up to six hours to complete. Because this is a minimally invasive procedure, patients can typically return to work within a week, and resume moderate exercise in about two weeks.

Most patients describe pain after the procedure to be moderate and it is easily managed with prescribed medications.

Patients can see results right away and their shape continues to improve over several months.

Choosing The Right Surgeon

Dr. Jason Miller is extensively trained in Hi Definition, and is one of the only surgeons in the state now performing this advanced technique.

Choosing a surgeon to sculpt your body should be similar to the way you would commission an artist to paint your portrait. But the stakes are much higher.

HiDef Liposuction requires a physician who has deep knowledge and understanding of the human anatomy and how each patient’s body is build and their movement in order to be able to determine what procedure will work best for them and will allow them to obtain outstanding results.

If you are interested in receiving SmartLipo Hi Definition Liposculpture or would like to learn more about the procedure, contact Renewal Body Contouring today to schedule your risk-free one on one consultation.

Since this is a highly individualized procedure a consultation is necessary in order to evaluate each case. We invite you to visit us or schedule your free consultation at (919) 436 4240.