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Hi-Definition Lipo is a liposuction technique that is used to define muscle contours and deliver extreme results in one slimming procedure.


Advantages of HiDef Lipo

The advantages of HiDef liposuction are enormous. Besides providing a slimmer and great looking body HiDef Liposuction also:

  • Natural-looking results
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Greater Safety
  • Small incisions
  • Tighter skin
  • Remove unwanted fat

Results can be seen immediately, and there is little to no scarring.


About High-Definition Lipo

Dr. Jason Miller at Renewal Body Contouring is a master at HiDef Liposuction and one of only a few surgeons in the USA that provides this amazing procedure.

Achieving a completely toned and athletic body is sometimes not so easy no matter how much a person exercises and diets. The commitment level needed to achieve such is quite high as well as the invested time needed in doing so. That is why Hi Definition Liposuction is such a great procedure to achieve a muscular, athletic and defined body contour in virtually no time!
The idea behind liposuction is quite simple, a cannula ( metal instrument) that is quite small in diameter is inserted into the skin. The surgeon then proceeds to move the cannula back and forth and to remove the unwanted fat that is suctioned out. The results after surgery is a slimmer silhouette that typically continues to improve over several months.

Modern technology has allowed surgeons to perform more precise liposuction that delivers more beautiful and better looking results with less downtime and the highest safety standards.

Dr. Jason Miller: A HiDef and LipoSculpture Master

This revolutionary procedure takes the idea of traditional liposuction and turns it into an art form. Using a thorough knowledge of the human anatomy, the surgeon removes only select areas of fat deposits and/or depositing fat cells where more volume is desired. In essence, Dr. Jason Miller at Renewal Body Contouring can methodically “sculpt” your tissue to give you that chiseled look you’ve always wanted.

It takes extensive medical training and a keen understanding of both the male and female anatomy to be able to achieve extraordinary results.

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation. Call us at (919) 436-4240 to learn how Hi Definition liposuction can benefit you!


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